Valentine 😘😘😍😍💜💓💘💔💖💕

Okay so tomorrow is valentines day and I’m sure you’re wondering “What is this dude gonna say now?”
Well, Valentine was a “saint” that was said to be a generous and loving man and so February 14 is in honour of his name. So people now adays express love by, well, a lot of wrong, vulgar things like
“Touching”, fornication, sensual activities and the like.
But is that love?

I have an explicit definition of Love. Call me old school but 1st John 4:10  says
“This is real love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”

This is love. Real Love. He died for us so that we would not have to die forever. If we claim to love others we should point them to Christ. We should let them know that He died for them. In this lies love.
So show some love to others tomorrow. Do the righteous thing.



So who wants to be my val? 🙄

How time flies….

Today I was so dumbfounded when the church coordinator called for FYB (final year brethren) and some people came out. My initial reaction was “what the hell are they doing there?” But then I realized that they are actually in final year! Precious Gift Alele, Esther Osarugue and others important to me were there as well. It then re-dawned on me that time does fly fast.

So I began to realize that we better serve God with all we have now. Serve him to the fullest while you can or you’ll just wake up and find out that you’re 70 and you’re too old to preach Or serve God. Please redeem your time. Serve God.

As a side note, I’ll be a pharmacist next year. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Why did He?

Why did He die? Why did He come down to earth for our sake? Why did He debase himself by being human and further debase himself by dying on the cross? The bible says that “Jesus, being in his very nature God, Did not consider equality with God a thing to be grasped”.  So Jesus was God! But he humbled himself twice! For our sake!

John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that He gave his only son that should anyone believe in him he will not perish but gain eternal life.”

1st John 3:1 ” what great love the father has lavished us with that we should be called the son’s of God”.

The answer is that He loves us more than we can imagine. Please don’t neglect his love. Shalom


Hey guys! It’s been a while! So let’s get right on!

Its that time of the year again. A time for Joy, love, gifts, turkey and stuff. You get the point. Its basically CHRISTMAS! So we’re all gonna be preparing for…well…Christmas stuff.

But you know what I feel? I feel Christmas should predominantly be a time for Thanksgiving. Why, you ask? Its simple. God sent his son to become sin for our sake that we should live. So its something to give thanks for. Have a lovely Christmas!

Always remember that in this life we live that you must never ever …mix coke and malt. It tastes bad. Real bad. Shalom!

Better Pt 1

OJRozzay- Truth Weaver


Rachel looked at the procession again as Janet passed by, beaming with smiles and looking radiant. Her arm was interlocked in her husband’s, and she looked the epitome of overjoyed in her beautiful white gown. She waved at Rachel, who smiled a little sadly, as she entered the car after her husband, laughing and trying to put her dress into the vehicle after her.
Rachel kept looking as the car with the ‘just married’ sticker on the bumper reversed and drove away. They were going straight from the wedding reception to their honeymoon in South Africa.
She took a deep breath as she spun round, headed towards the church building, thoughts roaming her head. She was just 22, but that was the third time she had been called to be a bridesmaid for her friends wedding that year, and seeing her friends getting married off had always tugged at a…

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Better Pt 2

OJRozzay- Truth Weaver

Makeela smiled as her phone rang.
“One second. Hello?”
Her face broke into a beaming smile.
“Really?… When?…. Wait, you’re where?….. Now?”
Makeela turned to look, then spotted somebody and began to wave furiously.
“Turn around……. Yeah, I’m waving. Come over. Okay.”
She hung up.
Rachel looked towards the direction that Makeela had been waving in, and saw someone strolling towards them. She squinted, then looked at Makeela.
“Cousin.”. Makeela said as the person’s face came into view.
In fact, there were two persons. As they walked towards them, Rachel studied their appearances. The taller one was dark skinned, and the other one, who was just one or two inches shorter than the darker one, had very light skin. Both men were very good looking. One of them entering the room was likely to turn a lot of heads. Both of them entering a room would definitely turn a…

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You probably have it all figured out, right? Like your the type that believes that if you act right then that just might make you righteous in God’s sight
You’ve been a really good person, you followed the good book as much as you could, you probably didn’t go to church as much as you should, but it’s all good
I mean you never really killed anybody, never really steal from anybody, you never lusted much, or did much, touching of any … bodies.
You never use the Lord’s name in vain, and you respect you neighbor, you try to maintain peace, love your enemies and not hold on to anger
You really believe that you could receive God’s favor by your good deeds and right behavior
But you’re dead in your transgressions and need a savior
Cause you could never win God’s approval with the removal of sinful discretions – your righteous acts of removing God’s wrath is in fact the biggest misconception…

Lighthouse [cut-out]

Pacific ocean waves crash the rocky beach coast by the Pigeon Point lighthouse in California by the Cabrillo highway US 1.  It is California's most-photographed light house and the tallest one on the Pacific Coast

There was once a young man. About 33years old. He was a sailor. But 3 years earlier he was given the most important job  of all… Manning the lighthouse. It was his duty to give light to ships and ensure they don’t slam into reefs or rocks or whirlpools. He did this to the best of His ability.

One night there was a storm. A huge storm! And he was expecting 2 ships to come by. The winds were really serious. The young man was listening intently for the ships horn blare. Minutes later, over the roar of the winds and the waves, he heard the blare. He quickly ran and turned on the lights. The waters ahead of the ship were full of reefs and if any of the ships hit those reefs, it would sink instantly. The ships blared their horns twice in acknowledgement of the lights and started maneuvering through the reefs. Suddenly a gust of wind hit the lighthouse and an electric pole fell!

The young man quickly turned of the lights and ran to the pole. He could hear the ships blaring their alarms in confusion. He needed to act. He pushed the pole closer to the main circuit to bridge the connections. The light would work then. But it was too far, about 2 feet of space seperated both wires. What would he do? He knew both ships would sink and all the children and adults would die if that light didn’t come on! So the young man acted as best as he could. Bracing himself and screaming, he held on to both wires and kicked the switch on.

Pain! Pain! He could have let go, he could have put it all behind him. But those people would not die. They would not die. His vision blurred, but it was enough for him to see the ships maneuver through the reefs. The young man managed to smile and let go of the wires. He slumped to the ground, breathed heavily and…

Jesus did the same for us when he died for our sins. Don’t take his sacrifice lightly…

Newtons First law of Motion.

A lot of science students already know this, a lot still still don’t know this. However, it States “Every object continues in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an impressed force

Basically meaning that nothing happens till you make it happen. Think of it this way; I just washed my Dad’s car and so its spotlessly clean. Before I did that it was dirty and it would have remained that way if I hadn’t washed it! The earth was without form and void and God said “Let there be Light!  And it was so! Result is always a product of Effort. You want to get from your lecture hall to your hostel? You get up and start walking… Or driving… Or flying (for Benin girls). My point is, dont ever wish for luck to just favour you and you get rich or a cgpa of 5.0. It never works that way. Similarly you must spend time with God if you want to get to know him better or heal the sick and raise the dead.  So get on your feet and work! God rewards hard work…

Don’t think too much on that Benin girls thing. It was a joke…

I think.